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General information

Before placing an order or requesting for quotation we recommend to read the points below carefully. Should any unanswered question remain, please contact us via the possibilities indicated on the Contact page, we will be glad to assist you.

1. Origin of goods, quality, CE guidelines, guarantee, repair services

All machines and accessories shown on our website were made by high quality Chinese (or Taiwanese) manufacturers. Our partners have long experience in supplying their products to West-European and North-American customers, therefore they can cope with the relevant regulations. Machines - where applicable - are built according to CE guidelines.

In accordance with the effective Hungarian law we grant 1 year guarantee for all of our products counting from date of purchase or date of commissioning, if it can be proved unambiguously. For machines, where installation and test-run is needed prior to commissioning, stipulation for the guarantee is that installation and test-run are done by Ferrobi Ltd.

Guarantee and over-guarantee repairs are completed by our own workshop.

2. Ordering

We accept orders only in writing and after receiving the advance payment, see point 3. For large value orders we prepare separate contracts.

3. Payment terms

The following methods are available for payment:


Prepayment: the whole amount will be paid in advance when ordering, in HUF,  EUR or  USD currencies.   In this case we give 2 % price discount from the total net value of the invoice.  This method helps to avoid exchange rate fluctuation risks when paying in HUF or EUR.


Part-payment: 30 % in advance upon ordering, 60 % after departure from China port, 10 % after receipt of goods (in case of heavy machinery after completed installation and test-run in customer's workshop).


Due to our USD based import prices and to the risk arising from the exchange rate fluctuation, the part-payments shall happen as follows:


HUF: in case of Hungarian Forint based prices the actual part-payment will be calculated based on the actual list price (A-D columns). 


EUR: If customer wants to pay in Euro, all part-payments shall be corrected according to the actual  EUR/USD exchange rate.


USD:  In case of contracts concluded in USD the amounts of the part-payments are not changing.


4. Price discounts

Price discounts can be given in the following cases:


- when a customer orders at least two machines at the same time

- for returning customers

- in case of certain payment methods when exchange rate has been changed favorably

- for retail traders

- in case of other convincing reasons...


The extent of the price discount will be fixed in our offers/contracts.


5. Delivery time

Arrival of the goods to our warehouse takes usually 3-4 months after placing the order. In special cases we indicate the actual ETA in our offer.

6. Delivery, installation, test-run


Our prices are FCA Szekszárd prices. For all machines, where the test-run may be carried out at Ferrobi's workshop, our prices include the cost of the test-run. 

Regarding the delivery, installation and test-run in customer's workshop a separate agreement shall be concluded.



Except of very rare cases, accessories we deliver only together with machines.

These items may be taken over in one of our reference workshops (in Szekszárd or in Budapest) free of freight charge, or a door-to-door delivery can be requested via courier or conventional mail, or direct delivery against actual freight rates.

7. Mistypes, errors etc.

Despite our utmost efforts it can happen that our pages contain mistypes, mistakes, errors, broken links or even misunderstandings. In rare cases also our partners may modify their production programs or technical details without notifying us. We apologize for these inconveniences but we cannot take responsibility for them. However we do our best to correct them in shortest time and for that we are thankful for any kind of help from our visitors.

8. Photos, illustrations

Catalogue and workshop photos on this website serve first of all as illustrations, accurate technical parameters are fixed in our official quotations. Minor differences in the outlook (colour, layout of handwheels and switches, etc.) might occur.

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