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 On stock

Here you may find the list of machines available from stock, with fixed prices. Price discounts are also applicable, payment is due upon receipt of goods.

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 In transit

Here you may find the list of machines, which are in production or already on the way to our warehouse and have no owner yet. Their final price may be influenced by the exchange rate upon customs clearance, however we can quote them for you. The indicated ETA is only informative.

Item pc ETA

2017.03.11            -  Update in the product range and price lists with huge price reductions


2015.01.29            -  Owing to the very strong USD against HUF, we were forced to open a new

                               price category, with shifting the present prices by one column down


2015.01.15            -  Price lists updated, no changes


2014.10.01           -   We became representative of Tecnopi˙ S.r.l. in Hungary


2014.08.13           -   New multipurpose machines: CQ9107, CQ9109, G1324/G1341, new center

                               lathe: CA6140 and surface grinder: MJ7115 in our offer range.


2014.08.01          -    From now on we represent the top quality Taiwanese producer SELICA

                               in Hungary and Mid-Europe

2014.04.06           -   Pricelist update, new slotting machine B5012

2013.06.26           -    Pricelist update

2013.06.11           -    Vast updating of the machine tools and many new CNC machines

2012.10.14          -    Pricelist updated

2012.06.05          -   Extraordinary pricelist review took place. Many lathe, milling

                               and multipurpose machines' price was decreased.

2012.04.05          -     Pricelists updated

2012.01.09          -    Pricelists for first quarter uploaded. From 1st January the applicable

                                 VAT in Hungary is 27 %.

2011.11.15          -    The English translation of our webpage has been launched 

 Guest book

We plan to publish here the comments of our visitors/customers about our homepage and our products. In case of demand we will open forums for specified topics as well.

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