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KDCK - 40

Technical data

Swing over bed 750 mm
Max. cutting diameter for disc parts 550 mm
Max. cutting diameter for axle parts 350 mm
Max. turned length for axle parts 870 mm
Max. travel on X-axis 370 mm
Max. travel on Z-axis 1050 mm
Spindle nose A2-8
Spindle bore 105 mm
Chuck diameter 12"
Spindle speed 100 - 2000 r/min
Rapid feed on X-axis 10 m/mm
Rapid feed on Z-axis 20 m/min
No. of tool posts 12, hydraulic
Tool shank square / round 25x25 mm / 32 mm
Servo drive on X-axis 15 Nm
Servo drive on Z-axis 22 Nm
Tailstock sleeve dia 100 mm
Tailstock taper MT 6
Tailstock spindle stroke 210 mm
Type of spindle motor servo
Spindle motor power 15 kW
Bed structure 30 slant bed
Min. input value 0,001 mm
Repeatability 0,008 mm
Capacity for coolant 200 l

Surface roughness

≤Ra0.8μm (non-ferrous)
≤Ra1.6μm (steel)
Dimensions 337522501965 mm
Weight 5400 kg
Standard accessories Optional accessories
Totally sealed fencing system Hollow hydraulic chuck
Lubrication system Automatic chip conveying system
Solid hydraulic chuck, 200 mm Hydraulic tailstock
Hydraulic system Bar feeder
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